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Thursday, April 24, 2014

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Sunday, June 30, 2013

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dana Kane Spanks (F/m): A Very Compromising Position

"Mooski has been a naughty boy, talking back and smarting off all day long.

To show him my displeasure, I tie his testicles to the sofa leg and place a large school bell just out of his reach. On his hands and knees, bound as he is to the sofa, he has no defense for the blows I rain down on his bottom with my long-handled wooden bathbrush.

After every ten whacks, he must reach out and ring that bell - no matter how much it hurts. Ten rings of the bell leave Mooski hobbled and humbled."

Sarah Gregory Spanking (F/f): Punishment and Pleasure

"Pandora is not too happy when her girlfriend, Sarah, completely ignores her at the spanking party. Sarah plays with everyone else and makes her lover feel very unloved. Pandora gives Sarah the punishment she deserves before they have the kind of sensual spanking they both enjoy doing."

Real Spankings (M/f): J Teaches Katie Some Self Discipline

"Katie has missed going to the gym as of late so J applies the strap to her bottom for motivation."

My Spanking Roommate (F/f): Plumber Dixie Spanks Kay

"Plumber Dixie Comet is bending over and working on Kay's pipes, but not getting the job done, so Kay tries to give her some spanks. But Dixie won't tolerate this and instead puts Kay over her knee and spanks her until she speckles."

English Spankers (F/f)

"Sophie Parker turns up at our studio to make a video but when we get a look at her bare bottom it is obvious that she has recently been spanked. This makes our strict mistress very angry and she wastes no time in getting Sophie over her knees for a good spanking that certainly adds to the marks. Then to drive home the fact that she is not best pleased Sophie has to bend over for a real hard caning on her bare bottom leaving some well deserved lines."

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bi Spanking (M/f): Paddled At School

"Paddled At School"


"The final part of my long running spanking 'soap' thriller Unladylike Manor. In this the real culprit is unveiled and punishment carried out. Most unfairly I think as I had the best interests of Lord Stern at heart at all times. He did not see it that way however and decided I should receive an extremely hard punishment. I was made to lay on the dining table where I was beaten with the heavy leather paddle on my ample bottom before receiving the hardest caning I have ever had to endure. Nothing was held back in this punishment believe me."

Red Stripe Films (M/f): No party just the cane

"This is the second home made film from Alex and Kissy. She has been arranging aparty and he finds out about it and is none to happy. He puts her over the table and spanks her on her shorts before making her spread-eagle in a doorway as he gets a cane to beat her. This is one nasty guy as you will see once he starts to cane."